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Epoché (ἐποχή) means: the suspension of judgement on what is unknowable for the time being. At any given point there are things that have to be put to one side while we roll up our sleeves and engage with a given problem at hand.

Epoché Magazine is singular in that it attempts to introduce, and play with, particular and complex philosophical concepts with a focus on readability. Where most casual philosophical publications skew depth for breadth and brevity in their role of introducing ideas, Epoché delights in the nuts and bolts. We put aside the general atmosphere of the “history of ideas” narrative of philosophy, and instead begin in media res, focusing on what makes a particular philosophical concept work, what a particular concept can do.

Epoché Magazine is for the curious and thoughtful. It is our hope that every piece can provide genuine food for thought. True to the name, Epoché does not attempt to solve all of the problems (or even the ‘all’ of a single problem), to think everything or say it all, but, rather, to use the wealth of concepts present in the labor of philosophy, ancient, modern, and new, to provide fragments of clarity, moments of pause; small machines made of words to modulate the obstinately unproblematic surface of the common sense. Tolstoy’s “shot of vodka” ideal of the short story, or a gasp of nitrous oxide.

In short, philosophy.

Epoché Magazine is released monthly.

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For submitting an article to Epoché, see below.

For Writers

Epoché Magazine accepts submissions. We are looking for striking writing that isn’t afraid to tackle the nuts and bolts of philosophical ideas; either in the form of independent essays, or in the form of a (critical or expanding) response to one of our published articles.

To get a feel for what we are about, read some of our articles. We publish a wide berth of styles, from explication to original work, from theory to video. We welcome all of the wealth of themes, schools, traditions and approaches that the philosophical tradition has to offer — as long as it offers genuine food for thought.

We are interested in the sustained examination of a concept, and the demonstration of what it can do. Or, the development of a question, or problem, in essay form. More precisely, we are trying to create a niche that distances itself from the simplifications of pop-philosophy and the ‘special-interest’ approach of academic journals. It is not our aim to dismiss the former or discredit the latter, but rather to show that philosophy is not for the inaugurated few, and that it deals with problems and issues that concern all of us. In short, we want to challenge amateur readers and engage academic ones.

If you have a piece you’d like to submit you can share your draft to and join in.

Guidelines for Writers

When submitting your piece to Epoché Magazine please keep in mind the following guidelines for submissions:

1) We’re looking for pieces in between 2,000 and 6,000 words in length. Shorter pieces that respond to already published ones are also welcome. Longer pieces are welcome, if the length is justified (depth of analysis, scope of theme).

2) Your piece should explore the wider relevance of the thought you are discussing for a community of philosophically minded peers.

3) Previously published/posted material is not preferred, though if you feel some work has not received the attention it deserves through a previous attempt at publication, we are happy to discuss.

4) Submit drafts in .doc(x) format, with a bibliography if appropriate. Please also send us a short bio.

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