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The Reality of Violence: Reflections on the genocide in Gaza
On The Validity of Normative Life: Habermas’ Discourse Ethics
Daoxue: The Virtue of Being
Hegel’s 1803 Ethics: Perception and the General Will
Hegel’s 1803 Ethics: Rationalism and the Moral Law
Hegel’s 1803 Ethics: Empiricism and the State of Nature
The Ethics of Proximity: A Defense of Different Ethical Duties to Friends and Family
Alain Badiou – The Theory of Covering and the Ethics of the Idea
From Kant Back to Plato: Iris Murdoch’s Moral Philosophy on Love and Vision
The Magnanimity of Spirit: On the Human Consideration of Animals
An Impersonal Liberalism: Simone Weil and the Sacred
The Poverty of Bioethics: Medical Austerity, Distributive Justice, and Disability
The Values of the Australian Bushfires
How to Drive a Car: A Defense of Achievement as Competence
Self-Defense, Necessary Force, and the Ethics of Modern Warfare
Some Notes on the Ethics of Knowledge in Plato’s Gorgias
The Stars Were Not Made For Us: Veganism, ownership, and abolitionism
A Problem Based Reading of Nussbaum’s Virtue Ethics
“Ethics Matters”: A New TV Series
Can Evolution Debunk our Moral Beliefs?