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Section 23: The Berkeleian Unconscious; Marx
Kant on the Problem of the Organism
Transcendental Idealism at Work with Fictional Objects and Names
Incompatible Parameters in Quantum Mechanics and Beyond
Kant’s “The Transcendental Aesthetic (Part I, Of Space)”
Negativity and Aletheia of Being in Fichte
The Quantum Synthesis of The World: A Kantian resolution of the mystery of quantum mechanics
The Reality That Would Be Dreamed: George MacDonald’s “Lilith” as a Response to Solipsistic Illusion
Neo-Berkeleyan Meditations on Systems, Rules, Freedom, Death, and the Last of my Kind
Kant and the Contraption: A Thought Experiment
Kant and The Idealists’ Reality Problem
Hegel: We’re All Idealists, Just The Bad Kind