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Diverse Thoughts on the Lightly Enlightened, circa 17th Century France
Understanding Edgar Allan Poe
Philosophical Prolegomena to Fiction and the Unsayable
Madwomen and Witches: Terror-Inspired Sublimity in Women’s Embodied Literature
By the shores of the inverted sea: Resistance, Contentment, and Extinction in Motoori Norinaga
With Them Without Words: A non-dual heritage of future language in Tzara, Derrida, Schlegel, and beyond
Views of Reality from Stagecraft, Science, and ‘Nowhere’
Existentialist Hero vs. Ordinary Language Man: Iris Murdoch Confronting Sartre and Wittgenstein
Practicing ‘Literariness’: a reminder for philosophers and philosophasters
Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf — Accepting the Shadow