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Political Philosophy

The Democratic Importance of William James (a dialogue with T. Gerber)
Liberty and Its Limits: A personal reflection
The Ethical Leviathan – The state in times of social and economic fragility
Intact Bodies: The Ambivalence of The Natural and The Normal
Is a Better World Possible? – John Stuart Mill, Manatees, and the Social Utopia
Libertarianism as a Programmatically Incoherent Social Philosophy
Alain Badiou – The Theory of Covering and the Ethics of the Idea
Spinoza and “Anti-Oedipus.” On Desiring One’s Own Suppression
Marx’s “The Fetishism of The Commodity And Its Secret”
Micro-Totalitarianism and the Search for a ‘Knowledge of the Whole’
Marx and “Anti-Oedipus.” On Desiring One’s Own Suppression
Forced to be Free: Rethinking the Terms of Rousseau’s ‘Social Contract’
How Neoliberalism Failed to Keep Fascism at Bay
A Few Notes on Identity Politics
Thinking the Political with Thomas Hobbes
Kierkegaard on the Paradox of Faith and Political Commitment
Transcendence through Suffering. A Eulogy to Martyrdom
Adam Smith as Systematic Philosopher and Public Thinker
Arendt’s “Philosophy & Politics”
The Political Dimensions of Time: A Polemic