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‘Of the Mode of Voting’ by John Stuart Mill (and of Over-Sharing)
The Zombification of the Public Forum
Libidinal Politics: The Role of Sexuality and Desire in Legal Embodiment
Mad Utopias – Using Madness as Political Praxis
The Democratic Importance of William James (a dialogue with T. Gerber)
Border Crossing in the Time of Pandemic: COVID-19, mobility, belonging, and citizenship
The Ethical Leviathan – The state in times of social and economic fragility
Intact Bodies: The Ambivalence of The Natural and The Normal
Advanced Abstention. Democracy, Anarchism and Anti-Vote Candidates
An Impersonal Liberalism: Simone Weil and the Sacred
Gaze Against the Machine: Counter-visuality and hyperreal strategies in the Hong Kong protests
The Poverty of Bioethics: Medical Austerity, Distributive Justice, and Disability
Defending the Classical Languages from the Charges of Racism