Issue #08 November 2017

The Negation of Motion

Etienne-Jules Marey (Photographer Charles Fremont) - Chronophotograph - (1894)

Hiroshi Satow is a teacher in Japan, teaching English and kind of philosophy to highschool kids. A big fan of Shogi and chess. And a poet.


November 2017


Sublime Borders: Schiller’s Will and Nietzsche’s Will-to-Power

by Daniel Rhodes

Emerson’s Experience: Present and Eternity Colliding

by Oshan Jarow

Giving Thanks: Heidegger’s Pathway into Thinking

by Justin Richards

The Scandal of Qualia: Bergson and Dennett on Interiority

by John C. Brady

Crashing the Metaphysical Party: Walter Benjamin on Knowing and Thinking

by Timofei Gerber

The Negation of Motion

some musings by Hiroshi Satow