Issue #15 July 2018

A Guide to Timothy Morton’s Humankind

Correlationism and Cultural Relativism


Explosive and Implosive Holism

Cecil The Lion vs Karl Marx

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The Globalization of Standing Rock

The Economy of Pleasure & The Ecology of Sensualities

Subscendence and Cynical Reasoning

The Angst of Ecological Attunement

Who You Calling Uncanny?


Towards A Spiritual Consumerism of Experiences

An Interstellar Leap


July 2018


An Aesthetics of Injury from Baudelaire to Tarantino

Daniel Rhodes in conversation with Prof. Ian Fleishman

Against Consolations, Alain De Botton, and the Demand for Accessibility

by Ranier Abengaña

Narrating Life. Dimensions of the Biographical in “Millenium Actress”

by Timofei Gerber

A Guide to Timothy Morton’s Humankind

by Omar Baig

Pulling the Normative Threads of Heidegger’s ‘Das Man’

by John C. Brady

Bergson’s “The Possible and The Real”