Issue #16 September 2018

Avicenna’s Connotational Attributes, Mickey Mouse, and Sex Dolls

Gabriel von Max — Physiognomische Tier-Mensch-Studien [from Nouveau Lavater complet, réunion des tous les systèmes por étudier et juger les dames et les demoiselles (1838)]

Basics of Avicennian estimation

Ṣūra (form) and ma ʿān (connotational attribute)

Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, “Two adult Wombats”, (1804)

Connotational attributes for pleasure and profit

Concluding remarks

Anthony Kroytor is a graduate student who has picked up philosophy again after a nine-year break, which he spent teaching English as a second language. In his free time he writes and performs electronic music.

Works Cited

Szczuka, Jessica M., Krämer, Nicole C. “Not Only the Lonely — How Men Explicitly and Implicitly Evaluate the Attractiveness of Sex Robots in Comparison to the Attractiveness of Women, and Personal Characteristics Influencing This Evaluation.” Multimodal Technologies and Interaction. (


September 2018


Avicenna’s Connotational Attributes, Mickey Mouse, and Sex Dolls

by Anthony Kroytor

Kierkegaard’s Recognition

Isaac Fried in conversation with Jamie Aroosi

Thinking the Political with Thomas Hobbes

by Timofei Gerber

A Problem Based Reading of Nussbaum’s Virtue Ethics

by John C. Brady


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