Issue #32 June 2020

Agency in the Age of Covid

Harold Ancart — A Match Made in Heaven
Harold Ancart — A Match Made in Heaven

Dónal Mac Erlaine is an Irish musician and cultural historian. A classical guitarist, his training is in music analysis, history, and ethnomusicology. He has been published in The Irish Times, Journal of Music in Ireland, and Urthona. He has had peer-reviewed articles published in DSCH Journal, The Musicology Review, The Journal of Science and Popular Culture, (forthcoming) and Journal of the Society of Musicology in Ireland (forthcoming). For some years he presented the world-music radio program Counter Points on DublinCityFM, CuriousBroadcast and Raidio na Life. In 2014 he was the winner of the O’Riada award for composition. Aside from his career in writing and music, Dónal is a passionate marathon-runner, cyclist, and writer.

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June 2020


Agency in the Age of Covid

by Dónal Mac Erlaine

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by Cedric Shannon

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