Issue #35 October 2020

The Octopus and the Machine

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Photo by Wihopa Win

Samuel Ludford is a writer and musician based in London. He is interested in technology, language, and temporality, and their interplay in questions of human agency. He also researches the function of subculture as a form of counter-alienation, and creative and intellectual practices that operate outside of market relations. His blog can be found at


Peter Godfrey-Smith, Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life on Earth, was published in 2016.


The canonical behaviourist text in the philosophy of mind is Gilbert Ryle’s 1949 opus, The Concept of Mind.


See Wilfrid Sellars’ account in his wonderful 1949 essay Aristotelean Philosophies of Mind.


This point is inspired by an argument made by Martin Heidegger in The Question Concerning Technology, and Bruno Latour’s response to it in On Technical Mediation.


October 2020


The Octopus and the Machine

by Samuel Ludford

An Examination of Bullshit

by Elliott R. Crozat

Advanced Abstention. Democracy, Anarchism and Anti-Vote Candidates

by Trent Portigal

Angelic Progress — Walter Benjamin and Liberal Destruction

by Riley Clare Valentine