Issue #54 July 2022

Deleuze’s “Ideas and The Synthesis of Difference”

The text “Ideas and The Synthesis of Difference” is the fourth chapter in Gilles Deleuze’s seminal Difference and Repetition. In this chapter he develops a theory of Ideas. The concept is intended to resonate with both Kant and Plato’s use of the term.

But here he is going to innovate on the material left by Kant, by flipping “Ideas are problematic” to “problems are Ideas”. With the notion of ‘problems’ in his pocket, Deleuze can build a theory of ideas as objective multiplicities that are incarnated in things and provide their conditions and measure – through the process of ‘dramatization’, where spatio-temporal dynamisms are channeled through ideal organizations.

Read more about Deleuzian Ideas here.

Credits: Video editing and soundtrack by John C. Brady.


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Deleuze's "Ideas and The Synthesis of Difference"