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Hegel‚ G.W.F.

Hegel’s 1803 Ethics: Perception and the General Will
Dialectic of the Public and Private Uses of Reason: Kant and Lacan
Hegel’s 1803 Ethics: Rationalism and the Moral Law
Hegel’s Conceptual Materialism: Finding Meaning in the Material World
Hegel’s 1803 Ethics: Empiricism and the State of Nature
The Reality That Would Be Dreamed: George MacDonald’s “Lilith” as a Response to Solipsistic Illusion
Hegel’s True Infinite – Beyond Immanence and Transcendence
The Ethics of Proximity: A Defense of Different Ethical Duties to Friends and Family
How To Pull An Ought From An Is: Hegel’s Being to Ought
Nineteenth Century Interpretations of Thought and the Claims of Twenty-First Century Science
Fichte and Hegel On The Definition of Concepts
The Magnanimity of Spirit: On the Human Consideration of Animals
Better To Have Loved & Lost: Recognition, Love, And Self
The Owl At Dusk: Hegel’s Philosophy of Learning
Ships, Persons, and Hegelian Selves
The Limits of Dialectics: Logical Necessity And Empirical Contingency
Hegel: We’re All Idealists, Just The Bad Kind
Into Abstraction and Back Again
Individualism from a Hegelian Perspective