Issue #04 July 2017

Into Abstraction and Back Again

NILS CHRISTIE: Against abstraction

Prisoners working on the Blood Road (Blodveien)

HEGEL: Who thinks abstractly?

Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, 1925

“Against abstraction” is the title of a small three pages essay by Christie to be found in the journal ‘Motmæle, 2014’ published by ‘Novus forlag’, p. 63–66.


For example: Hegel, Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Religion II. Frankfurt am Main, 1969. p. 455.


Eckhart Förster: Die 25 Jahre der Philosophie. Frankfurt am Main, 2011. For example p. 286–289.


To be found in ‘Hegel; Jenaer Schriften; Frankfurt am Main, 1970‘, p. 575.


Ibid.; p. 577.


Hegel; Enz. 1, §13.


July 2017


Into Abstraction and Back Again

by Tollef Graff Hugo

What is a Law of Nature?

by Andrés Ruiz

A Tale of Two Socrates: Part One

by Justin Richards

Revisiting the Noumenon

by John C. Brady

Finding Meaning in Decay: Bill Morrison’s DECASIA

by Timofei Gerber