Issue #04 July 2017

Revisiting the Noumenon



Object = X

And, Noumenon?

The Problem of Solipsism

“We do not say that thought is in itself a product of the senses and therefore limited by them, but it does not follow that therefore thought, without the aid of sensibility, has it own pure use, since it would then be without an object. Nor would it be right to call the noumenon such an object of the pure understanding, for the noumenon signifies the problematic concept of an object for an intuition and an understanding totally different from our own, of an object, therefore, that is itself a problem. Hence the concept of the noumenon is not the concept of an object, but only a problem, inseparable from the limitation of our sensibility, as to whether there may not be objects entirely independent of the intuition of this sensibility. This is a question that can only be answered in an uncertain way, by saying that since sensible intuition does not embrace all things without distinction, there remains a place open for other and different objects, which therefore cannot be absolutely denied; but they also cannot be asserted as objects of our understanding, because there is no determinate concept for them (our categories are unfit for the purpose).” (B343–344|A287–288) (emphasis added).

Noumenal Elephants

John C. Brady is a perennial student of philosophy and educator situated in Beijing. He gets most of his reading done in traffic jams. He is also a co-editor of this magazine, by way of full disclosure.


July 2017


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Revisiting the Noumenon

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