Issue #01 April 2017

Heidegger’s “Question of Technology”

John Morfis. “Old Cast Hammer”, 2015
Laurens van der Hem, “Bay Of Tangers”, Scan by Bibliodyssey
Vincent Van Gogh, “Village Street in Auvers”, (1890)

April 2017


Heidegger’s “Question of Technology”

by Justin Richards

Concept: Using a Deleuzian Axiom as Heuristic

by John C. Brady

Plotting Escape Routes: Individuation in 1984 and Brazil (1985)

by Timofei Gerber

Astral Escapism, or “Collective Dreaming in The Visage of China”

by Jordan Mitchell

The White and Almost Bones

poetry by Brendan De Paor-Moore