Issue #34 September 2020

The Agency of Objects

Jaromir Funke — Untitled, c. 1923
Jaromir Funke — Still Life, c. 1923
Jaromir Funke — Ccomposition Glass Plate, c. 1923

Ronald Kent Richardson holds a PhD in European cultural/intellectual history and political theory from Binghamton University. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of History at Boston University, where he teaches courses on modern Japanese history, the comparative study of Asian and Black writers, the history of racial thought and the uses of history as source for theater, film and TV. His literary work includes Hugo Darodius (a fantasy novel), and five plays including Kamioroshi, the Descent of the Gods that was performed at Boston University in December 2019 directed by Sonoko Kawahara and choreographed by Momo and Kevin Suzuki.


September 2020


Gilbert Simondon and the Process of Individuation

by Matt Bluemink

Deleuze on Problems, Singularities, and Events

by John C. Brady

An Impersonal Liberalism: Simone Weil and the Sacred

by Riley Clare Valentine

The Agency of Objects

by Ron Richardson

Marx’s “The Fetishism of The Commodity And Its Secret”